Colour, Colour Everywhere!

If the shoe fits….

Wear your shoes before the event! Nothing ruins your day like sore feet so make sure that you wear your shoes at home for at least a few hours before the big day.

Colours are very important, especially for weddings, with some brides insisting on a colour scheme for those close to the bridal party. Wearing colours that you love and that suit will ensure you really glow in your new outfit.

Ispirato has a vast colour palette to satisfy not only you but also please the most Bridezilla of brides, so fear not!

Soft pinks, baby blues and metallic are timeless and will look great at any wedding but don’t be afraid to wear something stronger if it takes your fancy. A touch of black on an outfit is very slimming and looks great in pictures but head to toe black is a no-no for weddings. You can really go to town for the races in something sexy and bold but check the rules on covering up.

Hats and fascinators are often worn to weddings, races and other special events.

Ispirato produce a stunning array of headwear to complement all of our outfits, which add a final touch of class and finesse to your glam look. Fascinators are on a band for comfort and are very easy to wear.

Practice with your hat in the mirror and make sure it doesn’t sit too far back on your head.

Relax, take a deep breath and don’t forget to smile!